William Gear

A Monograph
Andrew Lambirth, 2015
Hardback 440 pages
Publisher: Sansom & Company
ISBN: 978-908326-66-9
Dimensions: 27 x 23 cm

"Andrew Lambirth's exhaustive, lavishly illustrated book, which is admirable for the depth of its reserach, accounting for nearly every significant painting the artist made, and identifying the hose of influences that went into the making of them (and Gear was an absorbent assimilator of influences, from the Byzantine period onwards), should do much to restore this important artist's place among British abstract painters."  Times Literary Supplement


"It is a very useful book and much needed ... the biographical parts are excellent and full of information. The book is well illustrated and so will do an excellent job in bringing Gear's work before a wider audience." The Scotsman



William Gear: A Monograph
£ 40.00