The Sculpture of George Kennethson 1910-1994

An exhibition of sculpture from the 1930s through to the 1970s
9 September - 4 October 2014
Kennethson's work explores and interprets themes of land, sea, and the human form.

Kennethson’s machine-age forms were always interwoven with his other preoccupations. He was fascinated by the relationship between modern mining machinery and the ancient landscape. However much he may have understood the Vorticists’ involvement with industrial innovation, and included references to cogs, pumps and diggers in his own carvings, Kennethson aimed at embracing an extraordinary wealth of diverse associations. Looking at his work, right and moving round it time and again, we can savour his unique ability to incorporate so much from remembered encounters with both art and life. Roaming across the hills, valleys and coasts on his beloved Isle of Purbeck, he succeeded in absorbing a rich multiplicity of experiences which all found a place within his own deeply meditated and satisfying sculpture.

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Installation views