Ffiona Lewis: New Work

An exhibition of large scale and intimate paintings and works on paper

An exhibition celebrating the large landscape painting through a significant body of work with a new energy and vibrancy.


Displayed in the gallery will be a series of large oil paintings, works on paper, and bronze works. This marks 3 years of exploration, shifting a focus between Lewis's familiar East and West coasts. Invigorated with a new emphasis on colour, recurrent forms persist such as the twilight tree, estuary riverbank, and the cabin shack silhouette, whilst the titles of works draw on place names, weather reports, flotsam, and onsite note taking.


This exhibition offers a glimpse into the heart of Lewis's working process. She begins a painting series with small preparatory sketches, some executed on site. Through studio experimentation and energetic play, these sketches develop into more finished work on paper, collage, 3D card and wax maquette. Finally, this play evolves into medium and eventually large oil paintings. These oils form an airy counterpoint to Lewis's previous ‘Raw Umber, Ivory Black' perspectives. They are a new vigorous exploration of colour and light and tone.


A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition, with an introductory essay by Frances Spalding.

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