1944 Born
1967-73 Slade School of Fine Art - Painting
1971-73 Slade School of Fine Art - Postgraduate Etching
1966 Met Paul Feiler
1970 Married Paul Feiler
1973 Moved to Cornwall
1974 Begun her career as an artist


1979 Wiesbaden, Germany
1984 Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Winston Salem, NC, USA
1987 Galerie 20, Paris, France
1988 Salt House Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall
1995 Jamieson Library, New Mill, Penzance, Cornwall
1999 Salt House Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall
2002 Bishop Phillpotts Gallery, Truro, Cornwall
2005 Oliver Contemporary, London
2008 Redfern Gallery, London
2010 Gallivare, Sweden
2011 Lemon Street Gallery, Truro, Cornwall 'Reactions'
2012 Redfern Gallery, London 'Reflections'


McCully, M., 'Catherine Armitage: Reflections', The Redfern Gallery, London, 2012 (ex. cat.)
Wilmot, R., 'Catherine Armitage: Reactions', Lemon Street Gallery, London, 2011 (ex. cat.)