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Catharine Armitage

Obituary in The Times
March 30, 2020

At the beginning of this year, Redfern artist and friend, Catharine Armitage, very sadly passed away. Today, The Times published her obituary, where the careful balance of being an artist, as well as a wife and mother in the '70s, is observed. 

Admired for a direct and emotional response to objects in nature and particularly the tremendous landscape of Cornwall, Armitage evolved a modernist style of bold and simple abstract forms. Widow of the late Paul Feiler, Armitage’s own artistic career began after being encouraged by Feiler to study at the Slade. Learning printmaking and etching under Anthony Gross was the catalyst to her adopting a more abstract sensibility.

The art historian and author Marilyn McCully, who became a great admirer of Armitage’s work, spoke of the 'lyrical narrative running through much of her work’.

'Tall, attractive and always beautifully dressed, she possessed a serenity that enabled her to meet the world strikingly and full on.’

Catharine Armitage will be very much missed by all at The Redfern Gallery.