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John Carter in new museum show in Austria

September 21, 2022
The recent work of John Carter will be shown alongside that of the Irish artist Ray Malone, in a new exhibition at the Museum of Perception, Graz, which is intended to "celebrate the fine art of reduction".
Both artists favour a quiet aesthetic of geometry, incorporating sparing design, minimal colour, and with an emphasis on pictorial surface. While Malone explores different tonalities through the careful application of charcoal, pencil or pigment on paper, Carter uses marble powder and acrylic to paint his sculptures, of which the slightly uneven surface of sanded wood yields their own tonal variations. Both artists, then, share an interest in creating "subtle optical stimuli" in their geometric works.  
With a particular focus on Constructivism, the Museum of Perception has staged recent solo exhibitions of Tony Cragg and Daniel Spoerri, and in 2019, John Carter, who showed a series of large-scale 'wall-objects' produced over the past four decades
Lyrical Purism opens on 20 September and continues until 28 October 2022.