Bryan Wynter


Bryan Wynter was born in London on 8 September 1915. He was one of the St. Ives group of British painters and his work was mainly abstract, drawing upon nature for inspiration. Some of his most remarkable works are constructions which he titled IMOOS (Images Moving Out Onto Space). Using a parabolic mirror, he would hang contrasting pairs of painted shapes which rotated freely, with their reversed reflections appearing to move in opposite directions. 
In 1937-38, he studied at Westminster School of Art, before moving onto the Slade School of Fine Art in London and Oxford. He took up a position at Bath Academy alongside fellow artists William Scott and Peter Lanyon, whose influences can be felt in his subsequent still lifes and landscapes. He settled in Zennor in Cornwall in 1945, where he co-founded the Crypt Group with the aim of exhibiting the work of modern artists who were given only peripheral coverage in the St Ives Society exhibitions. 
In 1965, Wynter began a series of paintings based on water. He abandoned the muted tonality of his previous work, focussing instead on reflection and refraction through the use of bold, psychedelic colours and large gestural strokes. A symbol for new life and spiritual renewal, these later water paintings were the culmination of Wynter's attempt to reconcile nature and the human spirit.
Wynter died at Penzance in Cornwall on 2 February 1975. 





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Bryan Wynter

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